Ali vs. Frazier:
The Analysts

To put the fight between Laila Ali and Jacqui Frazier-Lyde in context, radio producers Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva talked to a range of sports figures and analysts. Among them: Larry Merchant, veteran boxing writer and broadcaster; Rick Kulis, founder of the International Female Boxers Association; and Suzette Taylor, International Boxing Association champion in the women's world heavyweight/super middleweight class, and a sometime sparring partner of Frazier-Lyde's.

Larry Merchant shares some judgments about the bout, including whom he thinks may win it. But ultimately, he contends, this fight is more a "celebrity brawl" than a significant sporting event.

Boxing association official Rick Kulis regards the high-profile event as a double-edged sword. It could bring women's boxing lots of attention, he concedes -- but he doubts whether Ali and Frazier-Lyde represent the best of current female boxing talent.

Suzette Taylor -- who has traded punches with Frazier-Lyde and studied Ali's fighting form -- takes issue with the critics. Both fighters are better than they get credit for, she says; and the buzz generated by this fight will pay dividends for other women boxers.

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