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audio button Hear Morning Edition host Madeleine Brand's interview with the band.

Hear the complete Calexico performances at NPR:

audio buttonMinas de Cobre

audio buttonGilbert

audio buttonCrystal Frontier

John Convertino, Madeleine Brand, Joey Burns (L to R)
Photo: Michael Benson, Ozone Studio
Joey Burns in NPR Studio 4A
Photo: Michael Benson, Ozone Studio

June 28, 2001 - If there was ever a soundtrack to the American Southwest, the band "Calexico" would be its composer. During a recent U.S. tour, they visited NPR's studios to perform some of their favorite tunes. Band founders Joey Burns and John Convertino get their inspiration for the Calexico sound from their base in Tucson, Arizona.

The two have assembled an array of instruments from swap meets they frequent around the country. Vibraphones, marimbas, accordions, pedal steel, and mariachi horns can all be heard in a Calexico recording. Burns and Convertino are also big fans of the films of Sergio Leone and the film music of Ennio Morricone -- and new listeners to Calexico will hear that influence immediately.

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