John Hiatt Interview

Bob Edwards and John Hiatt
Morning Edition host Bob Edwards with singer-songwriter John Hiatt in NPR's Studio 4-A.

March 22, 2001 -- Host Bob Edwards talks with singer-songwriter John Hiatt during a recent visit to NPR's Studio 4-A. He performed a few songs from his new CD, Crossing Muddy Waters (Vanguard). John Haitt Performs Songs From Crossing Muddy Waters

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    Hiatt's latest release is a departure from his other work; Crossing Muddy Waters is mostly acoustic. He says he "had a blast" making this album with two musicians he's worked with for several years.

    Hiatt, along with Davey Faragher on bass and David Immercluck on mandolin and guitar, recorded the album in four days in a home studio in Tennessee. He set the time limit because he didn't want the trio to concern themselves with arrangements or think "too much about it." He says that he "just wanted to capture a performance."

    Hiatt began his solo career in 1974. His 1987 album Bring the Family -- also recorded in four days -- was his first to make the charts. Crossing Muddy Waters was nominated for a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album in 2000. His songs have been covered by many artists, including Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Iggy Pop, Eric Clapton and B.B. King. Hiatt wrote Bonnie Raitt's 1989 hit single, Thing Called Love.