Parents Approve

Although there may be some disconnect between the breadth of sex education Americans want taught and what is actually taught in many places, parents whose children have taken sex ed generally like their school's program.

The vast majority (93 percent) say the program has been at least somewhat helpful to their child in dealing with sexual issues; 42 percent say it has been very helpful, and 51 percent say somewhat helpful. Three out of four say they are at least somewhat confident that the program teaches attitudes and values similar to the ones they teach at home (26 percent very confident, 49 percent somewhat confident). Moreover, parents of children who have taken sex ed are much more likely than parents of children who have not taken it to say that sex ed is better today than it was when they were in school (79 percent/42 percent).

Eighty-three percent of parents say they are more open with their children about sex and sexual issues than their parents were with them. More than three out of four parents of children who have taken sex ed (77 percent) say they are at least somewhat familiar with sex ed programs in their community's schools, although only 24 percent say they are very familiar.

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