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Live in Studio 4A
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Live in Studio 4A
Sir James and Jeanne Galway
Sir James Galway With golden flutes in hand, the world's most famous flutist, Sir James Galway, and his wife Jeanne, stopped into Studio 4A for a mini perf-chat. About ten years ago, Sir James believed he would retire at age 60. He's reached that age and is feeling and playing better than ever.
Needless to say, retirement is nowhere in the near future for Sir James.

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Selected Program Audio Excerpts

The Musicians

Sir James Galway
Knight and conductor
Sir James recounts the event of his knighthood in June of 2001 and his recent experiences as a conductor

Jeanne on Sir James
Jeanne tells the story of how she and James met

Sir James reflects
on how he feels better today than he did 10 years ago