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Live in Studio 4A
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Meet Orli Shaham
PT Young Artist-in-Residence
Orli Shaham In October 2002, pianist Orli Shaham took over the program for a week of live performances and conversation as PT's Young Artist-in-Residence. On-demand audio of Orli's music and comments are below.
Orli performed works by Bach, Beethoven, Dvorák, and Ravel, among others, and joining her during the week were violinist Philip Setzer, french horn player William Caballero, and the International Sejong Soloists. She also graciously took time to provide us with a an exclusive Q&A for the PT Web site.

The PT Young Artist-in-Residence program is made possible by the generous assistance of the Helen F. Whitaker Fund.

Orli Shaham bio

Web-Only Q&A

Dvorák for Two
Selections from the CD Orli recorded with her brother Gil, a world-class violinist.

Live in 4A Photo Gallery
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On the Program:

Listen to the entire hour

Music: Scarlatti
Sonata for keyboard in D major, D. 430 (L. 463), Non Presto

The Shahams
Orli talks about her scientific and musical family.

Hidden Scales
Orli comments on hidden scales in Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 30.

Music: Beethoven
Piano Sonata in E, No. 30, op. 109

Music: Prokofiev
Piano Sonata No. 3

A "Peanuts" Meeting
Orli recalls her encounter with the late cartoonist Charles Schulz.

Music: Bolcom
From the Garden of Eden collection of Rags, No. 4, "Through Eden's Gates"

(Music performed with violinist Philip Setzer of the Emerson String Quartet and William Caballero, principal horn for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra)
Listen to the entire hour

Music: Vali
Two Folk Songs for Horn and Piano

Music: Dvorák
Romantic Piece Op. 75, No. 1

Music: Kreisler

Orli talks about playing well with others.

Music: Brahms
Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano, Op. 40

Physical Demands
Phil and Bill discuss the rigors of standing while playing their instruments.

Listen to the entire hour

Small Hands
Orli talks about her small hands.

Music: Bach
Partita No. 1

Orli's Satie demos

Music: Satie

Going Barefoot
Orli describes her unusual pedaling technique and introduces the Ravel Sonatine.

Music: Ravel
(Music performed with the International Sejong Soloists)
Listen to the entire hour

Music: Scarlatti/Mendelssohn
Keyboard Sonata in E, L. 430/Songs Without Words Op. 30, No. 12 in F-sharp minor -- Venetian Boat Song No. 2

Music: Mozart
Piano Quartet in G minor, K. 478

Orli comments on the Haydn Concerto she is about to play.

Music: Haydn
Concerto in D
Listen to the entire hour

Music: Brahms
Six Pieces, Op. 118

Love Match
Orli talks about her engagement to conductor David Robertson.

Music: Bach/Liszt
Prelude/ Fugue in A minor
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