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Live in Studio 4A
Gil & Orli Shaham
Orli & Gil Shaham Former PT Young Artist-in-Residence pianist Orli Shaham is back in Studio 4A, this time with her big brother Gil, who just happens to be a world-renowned concert violinist. Together they play a few transcriptions of Johannes Brahms' Hungarian Dances.

Listen to the entire feature (15:08)

BRAHMS/Arr. Joseph Joachim: Hungarian Dances

No. 2 in D minor

No. 13 in D major

No. 14 in D minor

No. 18 in D major

Gil & Orli Shaham in Studio 4A
Credit: Nerissa Paglinauan, NPR Online

While Orli and Gil are less than five years apart in age, they suprisingly have not performed together in public as often as one would suspect. Apparently, their parents discouraged them from doing so, since Orli, as she explains to Fred Child, was "just ready to come out of the sandbox" when Gil was already having a big career. So, instead of tagging along with her big brother, Orli has become a renowned and respected concert pianist in her own right.

But, perhaps this Studio 4A session is a preview of more to come from this brother and sister team. Plans are underway for a tour together in the fall of 2004. Plus, Gil and Orli have ideas for a CD; their only recording together was the 1997 CD of music by Dvorák. Is there a sibling rivalry? You may hear a playful one in this perf-chat as they "argue" over whether or not these Brahms Hungarian Dances sound better in their original context (for piano), or as transcribed for violin and piano by Joseph Joachim.

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Orli Shaham -- PT Young Artist-in-Residence

Dvorák for Two
Selections from the CD Orli and Gil recorded in 1997.

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