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  Manuel Ponce
The Guitar Sonatass
2001 Azica #ACD-71212

  Dream Travels
duo CD with flutist Gary Schocker
Works of Schocker, Bartok, Ravel, Machado, Ibert, Villa-Lobos, Merlin, Abreu
2001 Azica #ACD-71215

  Sor: Op. 43 - 45
1998 Naxos #8.553986

  Laureate Series -- Guitar Recital
Works of Merlin, Pujol, Orbon, Krouse, Barrios, Morel, Bustamente
1996 Naxos #8.553449

Jason Vieaux "Guitar"
Works of Morel, Brouwer, Regondi, Bach, Ponce
1993 MCD-1334