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Daniel Barenboim
"After the performance, there may be a hundred different opinions about how every phrase should go, or should have gone. But at the moment of making the music, it is absolutely imperative that everybody on the stage really wants to hear the same thing. And then you can really make music."

PT Host Fred Child recently caught up with conductor Daniel Barenboim on the stage of Chicago's Orchestra Hall at the end of a recording session with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. On his approach to music making, Barenboim explained, "Everything else that is dependent on outside factors is not real music making. If you depend on being able to see the stick, and if the conductor depends only on that... No, it has to be totally organic way of seeing the music and seeing how the sound is produced."

Barenboim succeeded Sir Georg Solti as CSO Music Director in 1991, and in 1992 became General Director of the Berlin State Opera.

In Depth

The PT 50: Wagner Overture and Preludes
with Daniel Barenboim and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Barenboim and Said: 'Parallels and Paradoxes'
NPR's Scott Simon talks to conductor Daniel Barenboim, an Israeli, and Professor Edward Said, a Palestinian, about their new book, Parallels and Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society. They discuss the connections between music, peace and the Middle East. (December 2002)

Barenboim West Bank Concert
In Ramallah, conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim defied Israeli security and traveled to Ramallah to perform Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" for a group of Palestinian school children. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Christine Spolar, a reporter for The Chicago Tribune, who was there. (September 2002)

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