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Music of Ireland
PT piano sleuth Joseph Smith claims, "You don't have to be Irish to wear the green on St. Patrick's Day. You don't even have to be Irish to compose music with Irish themes."

Fantasy on "The Last Rose of Summer"
To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, pianist Joseph Smith plays music by German-Jewish composer Felix Mendelssohn who, thanks to the volumes of Irish folk tunes published by Irish poet Thomas Moore in the early 19th-century, became smitten by the British Isles. Moore is best known for his setting of "'Tis the Last Rose of Summer." If not for that poem, Mendelssohn's Fantasy would have been on "The Groves of Blarney," that melody's original title.

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    Sir James Galway
     Sir James Galway
    Carrickfergus (RealAudio)
    Sir James Galway (left) plays one of his favorite traditional Irish tune in Studio 4A.

    John Field: Nocturne No. 6 in F
    In Studio 4A, Irish pianist John O'Conor plays music of his fellow countryman, and father of the Nocturne, John Field.

    O'Conor reflects on Field

    In Depth