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Viola Jokes
Why does this beautiful instrument get such a bum rap so often? There are many violists in the music world whom we love and respect, including our own Terms guy Miles Hoffman.
Even violinist Maxim Vengerov, a recent Studio 4A guest, has ventured down to the alto clef from time to time. So, why is the viola the butt of many orchestra jokes? Is it because the only difference between the viola and nails on a chalkboard is vibrato? Or is it because the range of a viola is about 30 yards, if you've got a good arm? Seriously though, or perhaps not so seriously, we'd like to hear your own comments, stories, and jokes on this subject, or any other instrument. E-mail us at

In the mean time, here are some great links to assist you in your research:

Viola Jokes -- The Ultimate Collection! compiled by Pete Levin. Includes a list of viola-related anagrams buried within famous composers' names.

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