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Arctic Solo

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July 11, 1997 - Tomorrow Polar explorer Will Steger begins a 500 mile trek from the North Pole to the coastline of Canada - ALONE. Steger will haul and paddle a 275 pound canoe sled across the Arctic Ocean -- at this time of year a sea of broken ice and open water. He expects to spend no more than 50 days en route, reaching the Canadian shore before the Arctic winter and darkness begin. It's never been attempted before: One person, across the Arctic Ocean in summer, with no re-supply planes or sled dogs, carrying his own supplies and equipment - equipment he plans to use to share his experiences over the Internet. Join NPR's Peter Breslow at Steger's homestead and training camp in northern Minnesota to find out more about the man - and his mission. See a map of the area he will cover from the North Pole to Ellesmere Island in northern Canada.


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