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Diving with Deepworker

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March 22, 1999 -- How about a dive beneath the surface of California's Monterey Bay? Aboard the submarine DeepWorker 2000 we'll discover a new way for scientists to watch and record the interactions of marine environments. This tiny experimental sub promises to change marine science, providing a much more economical and easy way to explore the undersea world. With DeepWorker 2000 -- so named because it can dive to 2,000 feet -- undersea researchers are going to be able to spend many more hours actually under sea.

Join Radio Expeditions correspondent Alex Chadwick as he talks with DeepWorker's inventor/developer, Dr. Phil Nuytten, who compares his creation to a $400,000 underwater sports car. And then hang on --as Alex takes it - and us - for a little spin.

Alex Goes Diving Alex Goes Diving with DeepWorker

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