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Ice Climbing on Mount Washington

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February 28, 2000 -- Today, NPR's Morning Edition airs a new National Geographic Radio Expedition, an adventure story that takes listeners high on a mountain in New Hampshire. Our guide is the famed mountaineer David Breashears, known for his IMAX Mt. Everest film, and such daring feats as the rescue of other climbers during the Mt. Everest climbing disaster in 1996.

For Radio Expeditions, Breashears and his climbing friend, Rick Wilcox of International Mountaineering Equipment in North Conway, New Hampshire, each wear a pair of small microphones on their helmets in order to get a stereo recording of their ascent of Pinnacle Gully, an 800-foot ice climb on Mt. Washington, New England's highest peak.

With a breath-taking intimacy, the report on Morning Edition puts listeners right on the ice wall, as the climbers make their way up, explaining climbing technique and dangers as they go. Near the summit, one last hazard comes close to wiping out one of the climbers.

Listen as NPR's Alex Chadwick reports on a climb up Mount Washington's Pinnacle Gully.

Ice Climbing and recording Teams on Mt. Washington Ice Climbing and recording Teams on Mt. Washington

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