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Housing the Soul

(All Things Considered - 10/05/2000)
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    Sacred spaces, how do we create them? Cathedrals, mosques and temples are our most enduring physical expressions of the sacred. But a sacred space can also be an inspiring works pace, a welcoming home, or a peaceful garden -- places we use to reflect and recharge.

    NPR's Lynn Neary takes a tour of public buildings and private homes with Tony Lawlor, an architect who's spent a career identifying the sacred or spiritual elements in secular structures. He shows us how he and other architects incorporate elements of design that invoke transcendent moments in everyday life.

    Links & Resources


    A Home for the Soul : A Guide for Dwelling With Spirit and Imagination, by Anthony Lawlor.

    The Temple in the House : Finding the Sacred in Everyday Architecture, by Anthony Lawlor

    Web sites:

    The Interfaith Forum On Religion, Arts, and Architecture (AFRAA) - exchange of information and ideas relating to the improvement of religious architecture:

    The American Society For Church Architecture - also at: