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The Disney Hall Radio Documentaries
From KCRW-FM, Santa Monica, and KUSC-FM, Los Angeles

Frank Gehry
Frank Gehry in front of Walt Disney Concert Hall
Credit: Todd Eberle
© 2003

A Rose for Lilly
Concert hall seats
Credit: BMotion
© 2003

Walt & Lillian Disney, 1939
Credit: © Bettmann/CORBIS

Disney Hall Interior
Disney Hall -- Interior view from side orchestra
Credit: Los Angeles Philharmonic
© 2003

An Icon Is Born: The Architecture
Produced by KCRW-FM
The compelling story of the 16-year rise and fall and rise again of Frank Gehry's architectural vision for Walt Disney Concert Hall. This hour-long tale is told through interviews with the major players involved in the creation of the hall from its original commission in 1987 through its completion earlier this year.
Producer: Frances Anderton
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From the Inside Out: The Art of Construction
Produced by KCRW-FM
An hour examining the ground-breaking engineering and construction techniques of Disney Hall, including the complex logistics that created the world-class acoustics of the concert hall and the innovative techniques behind the immense steel panels on the building's striking exterior.
Producer: Bob Carlson
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The Downtown Band: The Los Angeles Philharmonic
Produced by KCRW-FM
In two half-hour programs, L.A. Philharmonic Music Director Esa-Pekka Salonen, members of the orchestra, and visiting artists anticipate the effect of Disney Hall their music making.
Producers: Nicola Lubitsch and Ray Guarna
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Exquisite Lines: Music, Architecture and the Walt Disney Concert Hall
Produced by KUSC-FM
A one-hour special exploring the multi-dimensional relationship between music and architecture, from the cathedral of Notre Dame to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The producers have paid particular attention to how composers, musicians and architects have blurred the boundaries separating the two disciplines. Interviews with scholars, composers, architects, and key figures in the Walt Disney Concert Hall saga.
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