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Digital Dirt

March 21, 2001
Fence Construction, At Long Last audio button

First day of spring and it is a doozy. Not too warm but oh my, the light. Looking out my office window (past the Academy for Hair Design marquee) I see forsythia yellow, cherry tree pink and chalices of rosy magnolia. Yum.

But the real gift today is the sound of hammer striking wood. Order in the courtroom, here comes da fence!

Please make it level
Carpenter prays to Level god

That's Steve Kass with the mouse ears, the day the lattice was born. These first two panels took a long time -- we dickered with the design even as he began building it -- but today, he's nailed it (sorry, couldn't resist).

It's level! It's level!
It's level! It's level!

And for that cheesecake photo you've all been waiting for, here are The Mousketeers.

Steve and Ryan
Steve and Ryan, short on fashion but long on attitude

You Mean You Don't Know About The Fence?


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