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Along for the Ride
Flip Orley meets his match . . .
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Oh no, I can't even remember what to do in mountain pose, oh no. . .

flip orley

SEE FLIP's HYPNOTIZE audience members at one of his shows.

Flip Orley lives in Lafayette, Louisiana with his wife Dana and an extra large TV set that makes it easy to use Rodney Yee's yoga videotapes. He's originally from Phoenix, Arizona and that's where, at the age of twelve, he first purchased the book, How to Pick Up Girls Through Hypnotism. The book didn't work, but it did pique Flip's interest in hypnotism.

When he entered the University of Arizona as a freshman he intended to get a degree in psychology and become a clinical hypnotist but he was sidetracked by stand-up comedy. Eventually he merged his two interests and began his current career as a comedian/hypnotist delighting audiences everywhere with his energetic stage show.

Flip's brand of comedy involves hypnotizing a group of volunteers and encouraging them to describe a UFO sighting or charmingly forget their first name. He never suggests that someone act like a chicken or reveal any embarrassing personal truths. And Flip still believes in the clinical side of hypnotism, making CDs that help people with stress management, eating disorders, sleep disorders and addictions like smoking and shopping. Flip believes that all hypnosis is self hypnosis and that everyone has a vast imagination and an active mind. His job as a hypnotist is simply to help people unlock these powers.

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