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Along for the Ride
Gung ho!  Tycoon and more . . .
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A pawn shop that inspires ...

john ridley


LISTEN to John interview people who live everyday in Vegas.*

When John first moved to car country, Los Angeles, he was dismayed by how few conversations he overheard. He'd been living in NYC where he regularly ripped dialogue for his stories from the streets and subways. So he started going to Las Vegas where there are a million stories to hear if you're willing to have a drink and listen. In this piece, John interviews some of the regulars he's met in Las Vegas -- Dave, a constable who performs evictions, Gordy, the last body guard of one of the forefather's of today's Vegas, Howard Hughes, and Scarlet a Vegas native who works the strip. Hear their stories and imagine how they might unfold in Ridley's stories.

*This early AFTR piece was produced by Alice Winkler, AFTR co-creator and muse, and aired on Chicago's WBEZ in January 2000.