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Along for the Ride
Michele is currently working on a documentary.
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Inspired to become a reader ... and a writer.

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LISTEN to Judy Blume discuss her life and work on NPR's Talk of the Nation with host Ray Suarez. (From October 21, 1998.)


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When she was just a preteen and halfway through the Judy Blume canon, Michele's parents filed for divorce. As common as divorce was at that time, it was considered shameful and private in Michele's immediate family and extended family. Michele didn't have an uncle or aunt or cousin she felt comfortable talking to about it and she didn't like to use the D-word with friends either. Like many others of her generation, Michele imagined the person who would understand her troubles was young adult fiction writer Judy Blume.

Judy's books have inspired, comforted and enthralled millions...

Judy Blume has been one of the most censored authors of our time because she wrote candidly (and sometimes graphically) about the real world problems, pressures and joys of contemporary American teenagers. Michele found comfort in Blume's books. She decided Judy Blume would listen and she was right! Michele wrote Judy Blume a letter and this was Judy's response:

Hi Michele

Thanks for your very special letter. I know how frightening divorce can be. But in time it gets better. We've been through it too. Can you talk to anyone about how you're feeling? Sometimes it helps to let your feelings out. You may want to keep a journal and write down what you're thinking + feeling. That's what my daughter, Randy, did.

Good luck!


Judy Blume

Michele puts Judy Blume on that very short list of people who made her believe she could be a writer early in her writing life. Learn more about Judy Blume at