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Graham Norton

Graham Norton
Photo: Channel 4

Click on Cruz Bustamante (above) to see his alter-ego according to this Los Angeles Times article.
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Heard on the show:

Budget Traveler Budget Traveler: And you thought those coach seats were uncomfortable.

Slip 'N' Suit Slip 'N' Suit: It's all fun and games until somebody sues.

Durwood Pickle Durwood Pickle: Name of the Year Award.

America's Pastime America's Pastime: Heckling.

Edward Teller Edward Teller: Who was not the father of the hydrogen bomb.

Librarians Librarians: Able to locate obscure texts in a single bound.


September 13, 2003

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HOST: Peter Segal
NOT MY JOB GUEST: Graham Norton, host of BBC's "So Graham Norton"

This Week's Panelists:

• Sue Ellicott, writer and journalist
• Mo Rocca, and host of Court TV's Smoking Gun
• P.J. O Rourke, humorist and writer for the Atlantic Monthly

Round 1

Who's Carl This Time? (Listen)
The check with too many zeros; dadgum that RIAA; a Wait Wait... tribute to a man in black.

» Music Cue: "Understand Your Man"
Artist: Johnny Cash
CD Title: Johnny Cash's Greatest Hits Volume 1
Label: Sony
Year: 1990

Opening Round (Listen)
The man who just refused to fly coach; a vacation on which the train ran on time; a new vacation spot... just watch out for the cruise missiles; Dennis Kucinich's leafy new slogan.

» Music Cue: "Popeye the Sailor"
CD Title: Toon Tunes
Composer: Lerner
Label: Columbia

Round 2

Listener Bluff (Listen)
"I had a dream" three stories of people who's dreams were dashed.

» Music Cue: "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
Artist: Ilene Woods
Composer: David, Hoffman, Livingston
CD Title: Classic Disney Vol.
Label: Buena Vista Pictures

Not My Job! (Listen)
Graham Norton, the host of BBC America's So Graham Norton, plays a game called, "GET OFF MY PLANE," three questions about the history of Air Force One, the presidential plane.

Round Two (Listen)
A man can't be extradited from himself.

» Music Cue: "I am a Rock"
Artist: Simon & Garfunkel
Composer: Paul Simon
CD Title: The Best of Simon and Garfunkel
Label: Sony Music
Year: 1999

Round 3

Who's Carl Round II (Listen)
The worst revolutionary leader of all time; nine people who we don't want to hear singing; if this was your offspring, you wouldn't want to be called its father either.

» Music Cue: "Father Figure"
Artist: George Michael
Composer: George Michael
CD Title: Faith
Label: Sony Music
Year: 1990

Listener Limerick Challenge (Listen)
Those talented black holes, the action figure with no action; America's cats and dogs are reflecting their owners even more than before.

» Music Cue: "Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter"
Artist: Squirrel Nut Zippers
Composer: Mathus
CD Title: Perennial Favorites
Label: Mammoth
Year: 1998

Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank (Listen)
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.

Panelist Predictions (Listen)
Since the Democratic candidates were asked what their favorite songs were in a debate, the panel predicts what their real faves are.

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