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Islam on the Internet
Links to Sites and Organizations Mentioned in the Series

Council on American-Islamic Relations
The goal of this Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group is to "empower the Muslim community in America through political and social activism." The site features news and commentary, links and an online mosque database.

Islam in the United States
Online source for official U.S. government texts related to Muslim Americans. The site includes a photo essay on American mosques, as well as links to electronic publications, academic programs and articles.

Islamic Finder
A comprehensive online database of Islamic centers, masjids and other organizations in the United States, searchable by Zip code and state. The site also provides a local area prayer schedule.

Muslim Students's Association of the United States and Canada
An online education resource, featuring a directory of secondary and elementary Islamic schools in the United States and Canada, arranged by state and region.

The Pluralism Project at Harvard University
The Pluralism Project documents the growing religious diversity of the United States. Important features include an extensive list of links to government, advocacy and educational resources, a searchable directory of religious centers and abstracts of current newspaper articles.
An Islamic "portal" page with news, opinion, online counseling, Koran lessons and many other features. The site touts itself as a "multi-service, multi-lingual Web site with a universal message and Islamic content."
A news "portal" site with daily updates of breaking international and U.S. news events, commentary and interactive chat and polling.
The leading Islamic "portal" page featuring an online bazar, travel services, a very active online community with chat and bulletin boards, and many more features.

Islamic Broadcast Network
This start-up network produces original programming broadcast daily in the Washington, D.C. and worldwide via Webcasts. IBN is an affiliate of the Islamic Media Foundation, a national non-profit organization.

Muslims in American Public Square
Project MAPS is based at the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C. The center was founded in 1993 to "foster a... dialogue between the Muslim world and the West, Islam and Christianity."
Online catalog of Muslim women's clothing, based in Florida.

Islamic Medical Association of North America
IMANA is a forum to discuss medical ethics in relation to Islamic faith and "provide a platform for Muslim physicians and students to discuss issues and share ideas relevant to Muslims in North America and around the world."

Muslim Women's League
The group's goals are to counter the "high rates of illiteracy, poverty, violence, exclusion and other problems" Muslim women often face across the globe, by focusing on religious solutions.
A collection of articles by Dr. Shahid Athar, including an e-mail link where visitors can ask the doctor questions related to Muslim ethics and health care.

Glossary of Muslim Terms and Concepts
A handy alphabetical list with brief definitions of Arabic words specific to Muslim beliefs, providing an overview of basic Muslim religious tenets.

Women's Learning Partnership
An international non-governmental organization funding education and technology training for women, primarily in the Southern hemisphere.

Afghan Institute for Learning
An educational outreach program sponsored by Michigan-based Creating Hope International teaching Afghan refugee women.
Online curriculum at the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences.

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