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Julia Child and Jacques Pepin
on Weekend All Things Considered

Julia Child and Jacques Pepin
Julia Child and Jacques Pepin
Courtesy of Knopf Publishing and photographer Christopher Hirscheimer
She's a legend. She's a national treasure. She's so unique that comedians get their laughs by impersonating her. And along the way, she's changed the way that Americans cook and think about food.

We're talking, naturally, about Julia Child. Child just turned 87, and she's celebrating by launching her eighth TV series and her umpteenth cookbook -- both in collaboration with a cooking star in his own right, Jacques Pepin.

Julia Child
Jacques Pepin, Producer Kathryn Simmons, Host Daniel Zwerdling and Julia Child
We dropped by her house because Child and Pepin graciously agreed to teach you, our listeners and Web site visitors, how to cook a simple and elegant meal: an authentic Caesar salad and a Spanish-style omelet, called a "tortilla." Child lives in a grand, old wooden house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just a few blocks from Harvard Square. They actually shot the TV series in her kitchen, which you can see in the photo here. And we were surprised to discover that Julia Child's kitchen looks pretty much like a regular, everyday kitchen. Child does have a clunky black restaurant stove and plenty of copper pans. But everything looks happily used and battered, and she hangs her pots on 1950s-style peg boards that could use a bright coat of paint. For the show, the TV crew just rearranged things a bit.

As Julia says, "Bon Appetit."

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