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Hadrian's Wall marks the Roman Empire's northernmost boundary, and at one point is less than a mile from today's border between England and Scotland. Ari Shapiro/NPR hide caption

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The Wall That Defined Scotland's Past And The Vote On Its Future

The Roman emperor Hadrian built a wall two millennia ago that kept the Scottish out. On Sept. 18, the Scots hold an independence vote to decide if they want to separate from Britain.

Syria: The Trojan Women inserts current events into an ancient Greek tragedy, performed here in Amman, Jordan, in 2013. Lynn Alleva Lilley/Lynn Alleva Lilley hide caption

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Simon Says

Syrian Artists Denied Visas, And A Voice In The U.S.

U.S. performances of Syria: The Trojan Women are postponed, but NPR's Scott Simon says when art stops at the border, American audiences are the ones who miss out.

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Trainer Jimmy McConnell of Shelbyville, Tenn., rides champion walking horse Watch It Now before a 2009 football game in Knoxville, Tenn. Celebrations of the breed's distinctive gait are a 75-year-old tradition, but animal rights activists say that for many of those decades, the walking horse industry has abused animals to get their knees even higher. Wade Payne/AP hide caption

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Weekend Edition Saturday
Weekend Edition Saturday