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With Luck, Fireworks Will Drown it Out
The Worst of Annoying Patriotic Music

annoying 4th of July msuic

June 30, 2001 -- In photos, Jim Nayder looks a bit scruffy. He wears a plaid vest. He poses with a floppy-eared sheep. But there's nothing about him that makes you want to sprint in the other direction, or plug your ears with socks.

Annoying Music

Annoying Holiday Music

The same cannot be said of Nayder's music. As host, creator, program director, and owner of "The Annoying Music Show!" Nayder radiates wretched music. His show is broadcast Saturdays on WBEZ in Chicago and on other public radio stations nationwide. The tunes it features are among the most whiny, bizarre, and downright horrendous songs ever committed to vinyl, plastic or magnetized tape.

This week, in honor of the Fourth of July (the same excuse many of us use to drag out our knitted American flag sweaters and red, white, and blue acrylic barware), Nayder subjects Scott Simon to the worst of annoying patriotic music.

The Annoying Music Show CD is available in the NPR Shop.

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