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Sunken Garden Poetry Festival

Sonnet: The History of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was created when the pumpkin on top of
The turtle burst and its teeming waters poured out
With all mankind and beastkind riding on the waves
Until the water drained leaving a tropical paradise.

Puerto Rico was stumbled on by lost vampires bearing
Crucifix in one hand, arquebus in the other, sucking
The veins of land and men, tossing the pulp into the Compost heap which they used as the foundation for
Their fortifications and other vainglorious temples.

Puerto Rico was arrested just as it broke out of the
Spanish jail and, renamed a trusty, it was put in an
American cell. When the prisoner hollered, "Yankee Go
Home," Puetro Rico was referred to the United Nations.

Puerto Rico, to get to paradise now, you have to ride blood.

Jack Agueros
Sonnets From the Puerto Rican
Hanging Loose Press
Copyright (c) Jack Agueros, by permission of Hanging Loose Press

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