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Sunken Garden Poetry Festival


For Johnny
I can't recall where center is
but I must be getting close
because here the ground
forms around me.
It rises between my toes
and delicately swallows my feet,
inch by inch.
I can't help feeling the slight pinch
of balance as I
sink further toward the earth's core
with each wave.
I can find no beauty in Oceana's
horizon but in her shallowest section
I catch a ray of what everyone
speaks of. I hear a note
of the voice that's constantly singing
in the part of myself I've never encountered.
I'm still waiting to hear what I have to say.
I want to make this my home
and see if she will take me
as a sacrifice to myself but my time
is already taken; my weeks
are already planned. I can't recall
where center is, but I must be
getting close.

Paige Steinert
Used with permission

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