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Branford Marsalis

Branford Marsalis
Branford Marsalis
Photo by Josef Astor

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 May 20 -- "Branford Marsalis is a saxophone virtuoso of a very high order, and he hardly needs the license of a jazz influence to play a particular piece of music. Still, the complex web of influences between the jazz world and France suggests that a jazz musician's address to the composers on this record, even when the orchestrations have been adapted for his instrument, could illuminate the music in a way that an unalloyed classicist's might not. That his partner in the venture is the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, which plays without a conductor and arrives at creative decisions collectively, gives the possibility an additional boost."
- Author Rafi Zabor
from the liner notes to Branford Marsalis' new CD, Creation

As a special treat, we gathered up some great quotes from Branford Marsalis that didn't make it into the on-air story due to time constraints.

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 Marsalis shares his views on perfection in the recording studio.

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 Branford remembers growing up with a household full of musicians, including his pianist father Ellis and his brother Wynton the trumpeter.

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 Marsalis admits to some of the practice techniques he used before recording his new CD.

This piece was produced by Phil Harrell.

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