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alt.NPR is a series of podcast-only content distributed by NPR. It is a place for experimentation and innovation, featuring dynamic, eclectic offerings from a variety of professional and non-professional contributors. alt.NPR podcasts are not tied to specific subjects, production styles, frequency, or length. We follow the axiom, “If it sounds good, it is good.”

Below are the current alt.NPR offerings. As the series grows, we hope to invite submissions directly from listeners and potential contributors.

B-Side Radioalt.NPR: B-Side Radio
Kind of like the cool songs found on the back side of a vinyl album. We dig up stories about people that may just surprise you. B-Side is a monthly podcast hosted by Tamara Keith.Podcast Details.

Radio Juventudalt.NPR: Radio Juventud
Radio Juventud, a production of Youth Radio, is a space for youth perspectives, creative works, music, and opinions from Spanish-speaking youth around the world.Podcast Details.

Club Awesome! alt.NPR: Poetry Off the Shelf
Weekly podcasts from featuring high-quality recordings of poems, interviews with poets, and poetry documentaries. Poetry Foundation podcasts hosted by Curtis Fox.Podcast Details.

Club Awesome! alt.NPR: Club Awesome!
Epic moments have their anthems, and Club Awesome! is dedicated to any song that has meant anything to anyone ever. Anyone can be a club member...just as long as you've got a story to tell about any piece of music that you'll never forget.Podcast Details.

Press Startalt.NPR: Press Start
Hosts Robert Holt, Ralph Cooper, and Kyle Orland discuss the art and craft of video games: what's new and what games they've been playing. Podcast Details.

Love and Radioalt.NPR: Love & Radio
Nick van der Kolk and Adrianne Mathiowetz curate stories of post-college confusion from friends and strangers alike for your listening enjoyment. Podcast Details.

What Would Rob Do?alt.NPR: What Would Rob Do?
What Would Rob Do? discusses various scenarios of everyday life from the perspective of Rob--a guy in his late 20s who loves to explore the codes of life, blending knowledge with wit and humor. Podcast Details.

alt.NPR: Brini Maxwell's Hints for Gracious Livingalt.NPR: Brini Maxwell's Hints for Gracious Living
Television personality and author Brini Maxwell gives listeners hints and ideas to make their lives more convenient and rewarding. A podcast-only compilation from NPR, available every Friday at 5pm ET. Podcast Details.

alt.NPR: Groove Salad -- Taste of the Weekalt.NPR: Groove Salad -- Taste of the Week
A weekly appetizer of new, rare and favorite tracks from Groove Salad, presented by SomaFM's Rusty Hodge. A podcast-only compilation from NPR, available every Tuesday at 7:15am ET. Podcast Details.

alt.NPR: YouthCast from PRXalt.NPR: YouthCast from PRX
Direct, blunt, honest, funny, emotional, real - young voices telling their stories, their way. Programmed weekly by the Public Radio Exchange. Available every Wednesday at 6pm ET. Podcast Details.

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