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Poetry for A Sunday Morning

It seems there is more than one way to argue about the nature of reality.  So on this lovely sunday (here in the great green that is upstate New York) we at 13.7 offer this poem for your contemplative consideration.  Does the poet protest too much?

On Divers Geometries

By William Bronk

Eulcid, Riemann, other geometers,

invented ideas of space, Regarding them,

elation astonishes us; discreeteness, shape,

the measure of distances, as though the world

had order in it which were discoverable.

But hardly so; their order is not the world's.

their seperately premised spaces not congruent,

as though, besides their spaces, there were space,

not spoken of, unspeakable.


Geometers, all measures measure themselves,

none measure the world. Premise and axiom

are terms of the limited case, to limit it.

There is no limited truth: there is no truth.