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You may have seen those web ads which have been appearing recently showing some wonderful little video of the natural world (the wind blowing across a field, etc) and then reminding you that it's your job help save it all.  I find if I actually watched the whole video, it made me feel a little calmer.  So with your mental attitude in mind we offer you this clip from the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador found at that most wonderful of websites Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Taken taken earlier this month, the video shows the progress of a single night. The Milky Way wheels above the volcano as clouds scurry in and out of the frame.  The thin clouds make some of the brighter stars glow as their light is strongly scattered.  Its an amazing vision that we moderns, in our cities full of light and nosie, and our lives hurried onward by clocks and Outlook Calendars, seldom get a chance to contemplate.

So draw a deep breath.  Now let it out.  Take a sip of your coffee (or whatever) and watch the whole video.  Its a reminder of where we are, where we came from and what will remain after we are all long gone.