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Frequencies: A Collaborative Genealogy of Spirituality

I just wanted to turn folks on to a really interesting project in which I recently participated. It's called Frequencies: A Collaborative Genealogy of Spirituality. The idea is simple: ask scholars, writers, and artists what they think of when they think of the word spirituality. The response is a collection of wonderful, eloquent and thought-provoking essays (except mine of course) on topics ranging from Star Wars to William Blake.

From the project statement:

"Frequencies seeks to commence a genealogy of spirituality. This project approaches spirituality as a cultural technology, as a diverse reverberation, as a frequency in the ether of experience. We begin in a moment when novelists wonder about the divine, psychological counselors advertise as spiritual advisers, and scholars seek to capture spirituality's ephemeral nature through survey research. Spirituality abounds, even as it is unclear what it is. Whatever it is, it seems hard to capture. Spirituality takes hold beneath the skin and permeates below the radar of statistical surveys. It resists classification even as it classifies its evaluators and its believers as subjects of its sway. Frequencies will focus this profusion into an epic anthology of wide-ranging analysis."

The project is run by Kathryn Lofton of Yale University and John Lardas Modern of Franklin & Marshall College. They deserve a great deal of credit for getting this wonderful experiment started.