Carbs, Not Meat, Fueled Evolution Of The Enlarged Human Brain

Today, science and health writer David Despain blogged on an ultra-cool topic: "Why you can all stop saying meat-eating fueled evolution of larger brains right now."

In the post, Despain pulls together evidence from paleoanthropology and nutrition studies to suggest that it's carbs rather than the fats or proteins from meat that fueled the evolution of our big brains.

Despain's subject matter fits with some topics on diet and evolution that I've taken up at 13.7 (examples here and here). Do I agree with every last thing Despain writes? No. As a nutritionist, for example, he doesn't recommend a vegetarian diet, and that I'd take issue with.

But the post is one not to be missed. On Despain's cogent perspective, there was a role for meat-eating in our evolution— but it may not be the one you've always suspected.

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