NPR logo The Beatles, Chris Kelsey, Luther Thomas: The Friday Link Dump

The Beatles, Chris Kelsey, Luther Thomas: The Friday Link Dump

Let's keep this nice and compact.

Chris Kelsey Has A Blog: He writes for and JazzTimes. He plays free jazz on the saxophone. I've just learned he has a blog too, and there are a few gems already — like me, it appears sometimes he has thoughts he cannot keep from writing. His thoughts on criticism, personal struggle to break free of Coltrane's influence, meditations on being a suburban father and an out-jazz musician at once, his post-NEA data diatribe (summary: it's Wynton's fault): these are all worthwhile reads.

Jazz Covers The Beatles: This brief Beatlemania 2K9 inspired by the re-release of the entire Fab Four catalog remasters was not lost on NPR Jazz. Lara Pellegrinelli has written up this week's Take Five — which is, once again, actually six — of jazz Beatles covers. Listen and suggest your own favorites — I know I've heard like 10 different versions of "Blackbird."

RIP Luther Thomas: I don't have any links to send you, but it's being broadcast by WKCR, who talked to his ex-wife, that saxophonist Luther Thomas has died. He was a member of the Black Artists Group of St. Louis, an artists' collective organization not unlike the AACM, where he was a member of a group called the Human Arts Ensemble; he moved to New York in the 1970s like much of the BAG, and eventually to Copenhagen, Denmark. Here's his Web site, and his MySpace page. I can't claim to know much about him, other than that the Human Arts Ensemble has made some killer free-funk records, including a reissued album called Funky Donkey. It is well worth the purchase, and the inevitable dance-off tribute.



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