NPR logo Dave Douglas Quintet: Live Video From The Village Vanguard

Dave Douglas Quintet: Live Video From The Village Vanguard

UPDATE: Show's over. Thanks for listening. Check out the audio archive here.

The Dave Douglas quintet performed live at the Village Vanguard last night. As you may know, we do both online and terrestrial broadcasts from the Vanguard about once a month, and we made both 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. sets available as a live video Web stream here.

Dave Douglas has a new album out called A Single Sky. That increases the count to two releases within the last six months, both with totally different bands. I suppose I should hurry this up because by the time I'm done typing he'll probably have, like, three more records mastered or something.

I digress. A Single Sky is the new disc, made with the collaboration of Jim McNeely and the Frankfurt Radio Bigband. (How can we get ourselves a National Public Radio Big Band, by the way? Someone call Rocco Landesman.) It features three movements from the "Delighted States" suite, an original work for large ensemble. It also includes adaptations of older Dave Douglas tunes for large ensemble. Of course, lately, Dave has been touring with his quintet, which is a lot more portable than a European public broadcaster-sponsored big band. And as he writes, they've been playing some new material — as well as "reverse" adaptations of his big band charts for the quintet.

To recap: he's playing big band charts with the small group, and small group charts with the big band, as well as big band charts with the big band, and small group charts with the small band. You say "Purple Gazelle," I say "Angelica," let's call the whole thing off.

All we are really saying is that Dave is here with us and WBGO tonight, playing good music. His band features Donny McCaslin, Uri Caine, James Genus and Clarence Penn, and they are all killer-dillers, as Benny Goodman might say. Listen live above (with actually sorta realistic color now, as opposed to that sickly monochrome green night mode we were rocking earlier). For more information, plus our chat room and audio-only stream, go to the story page: Live Tonight: Dave Douglas Quintet In Concert. And if you miss it, you can download it all tomorrow, either through us or at Dave's record label, Greenleaf Music (as a lossless FLAC file!). No excuses, people.