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He plays both piano and drums on Indelicate, out now, and bandmate Ethan Iverson is mock-outraged: "I AM THE PIANO PLAYER IN THE BAD PLUS NOT DAVE," he protests. Iverson also does a track-by-track recap at Do The Math. As for us, check out "Arts High Boogie," streaming below. In my listening to the whole record, it's clear that dude doesn't conform to any "stupid drummer" stereotypes. (You know, "What do you call a guy who hangs around musicians?" "A drummer!" etc.) Any Bad Plus fans who might have thought Ethan and Reid Anderson were the real writers of the group, and Dave just the ridiculous banger of percussive objects, will be pleasantly surprised. His compositional sense is jagged and unconventional, but you can hear a certain logic behind it — kind of like The Bad Plus itself, really. Also, Dave plays in like three other bands: here's his Web site, and here's something tasty he's doing in his hometown. [Do The Math: Indelicate]



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"Arts High Boogie," from Dave King, Indelicate (Sunnyside). Dave King, drums/piano. Minneapolis, Minn.: released Feb. 2010.

Purchase: / Amazon MP3 / iTunes


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