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Watch 'Space Is The Place' On UbuWeb

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For the first time in a week, the NPR Music staff is all back in the office after the winter hellspawn that was Snowmaggedon (aka Snowpocalypse, Clusterflake, Snowtorius B.I.G.). It feels good, Internet, I'm not gonna lie. But if you're still stuck behind a wall of snow and have started dancing all crazy-like with a pumpkin on your head, maybe you should go to space. Because, you know, "space is the place."

UbuWeb, purveyor all things avant-garde, has just posted the entirety of Sun Ra's cosmic-sci-fi-blaxpoitation 1974 film, Space is the Place. If you've never seen it, the quick synopsis: Sun Ra comes to Earth from Saturn, plays "The End of the World" card game with a man dressed in white (like Russian Roulette, but with the world), sets up the Outer Space Employment Agency in Oakland and gets kidnapped. Community center kids save Sun Ra in time to play an epic concert. (Does that justify a spoiler alert?) For me, it's all about watching the intergalactic siren, known on Earth as June Tyson. [UbuWeb: Space is the Place]