NPR logo Apparently, Bradley's Was Done In By Progressives

Apparently, Bradley's Was Done In By Progressives

I was never around when Bradley's, hitching post of jazz greats, was the hang in New York. But politically conservative actor Michael Moriarty, writing for the Andrew Breitbart constellation of Web sites, was. And he blames an influx of condescending "politically correct Progressives" [his bold italics, not mine] for the demise of the club (H/T Josh Jackson):

When I applauded one of the soloists following his two or three choruses ... the table next to me, absolutely filled with heavily accented Europeans, shushed me!

"No favorites!!" they whispered harshly.

"What", I asked.

"No favorites!!"

My German colleague, originally from Bavaria, but who then lived in Switzerland ... or at least I was subsequently brought to Switzerland to promote his film ... he was very embarrassed by their behavior.

I now have concluded that these masters of what proved to be my first encounter with an Obama "learning moment" were German, most likely from Berlin ... and ... well ... they were ultra "Progressive" ... and obviously considered themselves the police of all forms of "Progressive" art.

My God, the politicizing of jazz had grown to a militant exclusivity that infuriated me!

Uhh ... right. Read some of the 125+ comments on your way out for kicks. [Big Hollywood: Progressive Jazz: How the Left's 'Teachable Moments' Killed Bradley's]