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Roulette TV Is On A Roll

For 30 years, the downtown New York venue Roulette has been presenting experimental music of all stripes. There's frequently an emphasis on free jazz/creative music/whatever-you-call-it.

Some time ago, Roulette started filming performances and interviews for Roulette TV, an online plus DVD plus public access television video program. These days, it's shot with great sound and HD cameras (cinematography is a bit dodgy, but honestly, it hardly matters). And they've already amassed a worthwhile archive from this season, with sets from Henry Threadgill's Zooid, Darius Jones' quartet and Joe McPhee's Trio X.

My favorite of the recent episodes so far features the Mary Halvorson quintet, the guitarist's take on old-school hard-bop with her clean, fractured guitar breakdowns spliced in. You don't get a lot of music, but what you do get is very intriguing:

There are archives of previous seasons at UbuWeb, though the stuff from this year is now hosted through the video service Vimeo. You'll find the new episodes at the Roulette Web site. [Roulette NYC: Roulette TV]