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David Karsten Daniels + Fight The Big Bull: Behind The Scenes

A nine-piece jazz band steeped in Charles Mingus, The Band and Ken Vandermark. A well-traveled singer-songwriter making music from the poetry of Henry David Thoreau. Put them together for over a week in an attic and a homemade recording studio in Richmond, Va., and the result is I Mean To Live Here Still, the new album from David Karsten Daniels and Fight The Big Bull. It's half-rock, half-squawk, and 'sall good.

This week, NPR Music is streaming the entirety of I Mean To Live Hear Still. Hear the full album preview as part of our Exclusive First Listen series. More of my words about the record are there. But as RVAJazz chronicles, it wasn't quite as cut and dry as I made it out to be: here's a fascinating look into the creative process required to get two weighty musical forces together. Plus, points for the pun. [RVAJazz: David Karsten Daniels & Fight the Big Bull: Thoreau-ly invested]



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