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Meet The Jazz Audience

Meet The Jazz Audience: Leonard Postma

In the last few decades, June has become the busiest month for jazz in New York City, home to the biggest jazz scene in the world. But who is actually going to these shows? A small team of Bloggers Supreme attended the festivities — primarily, the CareFusion Jazz Festival New York. In between our reports on various goings-on, we talked to the some of the people who were actually in the audience. We started off every conversation with the simple question: how did you hear about this show? And be sure to check out more of our Meet The Jazz Audience series. —Ed.

Leonard Postma, 62
Performer: Chris Potter Quartet
Venue: The Jazz Standard (South Midtown)
Event: CareFusion Jazz Festival New York
Date: Jun. 23, 2010

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Josh Jackson

Leonard Postma of The Netherlands.

Josh Jackson

How did you find out about this concert? We looked at the performances going on and chose this one. We had the impression that something nice was going on here.

Did it meet or exceed your expectations, or did it fall short? I had no clear expectations on the kind of jazz that would be performed, but when I came here and it started, it really pleased me quite a lot.

Was there anything in particular that stood apart — the playing of drummer Paul Motian or [saxophonist] Chris Potter? Chris, of course. There was a lot of very good soloing in the band. Also, the vibraphone player, Steve Nelson, made marvelous riffs and raffs. I liked the whole performance.

You didn't think it was too abstract? Me, not, but probably my colleague did. I like this. It was not totally free jazz, but it was pretty abstract every now and then. It's a nice thing the way they played it they got from the Earth and then they returned again.

How did you get into jazz? I have been playing trumpet for quite some years, and I've been playing slide trombone for the last six years. I like playing in big bands, Count Basie style, and that's why I'm looking for performances when I'm in New York.