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Meet The Jazz Audience: The Recap

June 2010 has come and gone, and at least for now, so has our Meet The Jazz Audience project here at A Blog Supreme. Probably not forever: if I can speak for everyone, I think that Lara Pellegrinelli, Josh Jackson and I had fun talking to people at jazz shows, and learned a few things too. Our evidence is certainly anecdotal and not comprehensive. But we still emerged with a nice demographic cross-section of jazz concertgoers during New York's busiest part of the year for jazz music.

We ended up talking to people as young as 12 and as old as 79; more men than women, but definitely, substantially both; musicians, the musically-trained, and laypeople; first-time folks and in-crowd veterans; locals and visitors; skin colors a-plenty; fans of trad-jazz, free jazz, and everything in between. And as to our leadoff question, "How did you hear about this show?" we got a wide variety of responses there too — several even mentioned public radio announcements. It's a big and wide crowd, this audience for improvised music.

Here's that link once again to our Meet The Jazz Audience category. And below, all 23 individual entries, linked chronologically for your convenience: