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Wait, Is There A Concert Going On?

James Hale points out an interesting column from the Ottawa Citizen, a newspaper which overachieves in its coverage of the overachieving Ottawa Jazz Festival. (Hale is a jazz writer, but has been serving as a media liason for the festival.) Columnist Ken Gray notes that many of the people in the VIP seats didn't seem to be particularly interested in the music, preferring to knit, picnic, read books, play with smartphones, use dental floss, heckle Kenny Garrett, etc.

That raises an interesting thought: many of the people who come to summertime outdoor concerts/festivals of any genre don't really come for the music. But there are certainly a lot of them — the pronoun referring to both people and outdoor festivals. With respect to jazz events, which seemingly call for more attention, how much do we care? Somebody say something. [Ottawa Citizen: Tales from the crypt]