Meet The Jazz Audience: Ben Gibson : A Blog Supreme We continued our Meet The Jazz Audience series at the CareFusion Newport Jazz Festival.
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Meet The Jazz Audience: Ben Gibson

We're continuing our Meet The Jazz Audience series at the CareFusion Newport Jazz Festival this weekend, where Blogger Supreme Lara Pellegrinelli wandered the grounds, interviewing members of the crowd. For more coverage of the festival, including full concert downloads, visit —Ed.

Ben Gibson, 20
Town: Newport, R.I.

Ben Gibson, 20, paddles through the boats listening to the Fort Stage for free. Lara Pellegrinelli hide caption

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Lara Pellegrinelli

What are you doing out here today?
I have my boat off Bonniecrest down there. We just cruised over — right in time for Herbie Hancock. [Hancock is playing Cantaloupe Island in the background.] It’s a good day, not too windy out.

What kind of boat is it?
It’s a 32-foot Trojan.

So, you’re into sailing?
Actually, it’s a motorboat. For someone from Newport, that’s blasphemy, but I enjoy myself.

Is kayaking popular?
A lot of people kayak. I just got this one three weeks ago. You can pretty kayak all around the coast.

How about jazz? Are you a fan?
Yeah, I actually took a college jazz course at the University of Rhode Island. It definitely increased my interest. And then Dave Brubeck is on today, as well.

So you can hear the difference between Herbie Hancock and Dave Brubeck without being able to see the stage?
Of course. Hancock’s got more funk to it. I’m a classic rock fan at heart. I have love for all kinds of music.

What did you get in your jazz class?
A B+ because I missed a few classes. Otherwise, I probably would have gotten an A.

It always comes down to attendance.
But my heart was there 100 percent.

And now your heart is here 100 percent.