NPR logo A Modern Jazz Music Video (And It's Not Lame, Either)

A Modern Jazz Music Video (And It's Not Lame, Either)

Featuring a mid-winter mime in DUMBO, steampunk mad science and Maurice Brown's mini-me surrogate. (The song is pretty hip too.)


The tune is "Time Tick Tock," by the Maurice Brown Effect, off The Cycle Of Love. Brown plays trumpet; Derek Douget takes the tenor solo; Chris Rob, Solomon Dorsey, Joe Blaxx are the rhythm section: piano, bass, drums. Unlike this guy, I slept on this record when it came out earlier this year — my loss. It's one of those modern-R&B-influenced jazz discs which doesn't make you wish it just stuck to one genre or the other. They're great live, too.

This is posted also to seek answers for the question: Has anyone else in recent memory made a music video for a jazz song? (OK, Esperanza, but who else?) Not just an HD video capture of a live performance: A music video, like the ones which used to run on MTV and now see life primarily embedded on music blogs like this one. One of you out there must know something I do not.