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When Boom-Bap Meets Ding Ding Di-Ding

Coming up on A Blog Supreme, we'll be exploring some of the intersections between jazz and hip-hop. Soon, we'll post a conversation with pianist Robert Glasper — the jazz musician who also happens to play with Mos Def and Q-Tip — where we played five rap records for him. (UPDATE: Now posted.) Later, we'll post part of our interview with the folks behind the innovative concert presenters Revive da Live about getting the hip-hop generation into jazz.

As prologue to all this, and also kind of just 'cause it circulated around the various Internets yesterday, we submit to you Wayne Marshall's rather amazing mashup of M.I.A.'s "Galang" (2003) and the Vijay Iyer trio's version of the same song (2009). (A download link is here, and technical details here.) Yes, I know M.I.A. isn't exactly "hip-hop" by many definitions. But for those who quibble over terms for this one: Let them eat truffle fries.

Vijay Iyer has a new solo album coming out soon, we might mention again. It's called Solo. (More info here.) And you can see the original videos for both versions of "Galang" below.