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Around The Jazz Internet: Labor Day Long Weekend Edition

A Blog Supreme will be on vacation until after Labor Day. Until then, here are some midweek links. Also, NPR Music's other jazz coverage.

  • Louis, the silent film about a juvenile Louis Armstrong, and featuring a live band led by Wynton Marsalis, is now touring. Felix and I saw it this weekend. It is not particularly historically accurate. It is an impressive synchrony, though. The band is good. And it is also, in the way of good farces, fun.
  • Phil Woods is not happy about the NEA making the entire Marsalis family Jazz Masters.
  • RIP Bob Bowen. Man, this isn't supposed to happen any more.
  • The matriarch of New York jazz.
  • Burning Ambulance, the newish quarterly dedicated to music (including plenty of out jazz) is now available.
  • Nextbop has been putting up new music from U.K. piano trios (and the Portico Quartet) this week.
  • Chicago and Detroit jazz festivals this weekend. Nicole Mitchell! Mulgrew Miller!

This looks labor-intensive: