NPR logo The Jazzy Song In That NFL Commercial

The Jazzy Song In That NFL Commercial

Those who know me personally know that I'm a pretty big professional football fan. This annoys me; it would probably increase my net output of good to the world if I had three to five hours of my life back every Sunday in the fall. (Ok, more like six to eight — whatever.)

But I am glad that the NFL decided to set its new commercial for its official ticket exchange program to an old jazzy blues tune. I just learned that the tune is the 1947 hit "Snatch and Grab It," as performed by Kansas City blues singer Julia Lee and her Boy Friends. The Internets have posted it:


I'm struck by how joyfully it swings, and by the quality of the soloists. Anyone know who's on this recording?

Also, I love the understated euphemisms here. "Grab it in the place that you'll hold best." No further comment.