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Chronicling The Rise Of A Jazzschool

Over the weekend, the San Francisco Chronicle gave a lot of space to its feature on the Jazzschool, the Berkeley, Calif. institution which offers programs for both B.A. candidates and curious amateurs. Writer David Wiegand profiled the school, and wrote up capsule pieces about several of its instructors (Anthony Brown, Laurie Antonioli and Kwami Coleman) and facilities (a cafe and a record/ bookstore). Wiegand focuses his main story on the efforts of its founder, pianist Susan Muscarella, to create a sustainable, accredited program from scratch. There's no mention of the minor controversies along the way — is that water under the bridge by now? Eh. The main point is that there are a lot of column inches to reporting about a growing community-oriented jazz program. Start at the lead story, and follow the sidebar for more. [SFGate: Jazzschool a straight-ahead success in Berkeley]

P.S. A 2007 piece about how Muscarella learned the "business math" to make all this happen.