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'Jazzed Out' All Over Paris

Here's some remarkable video of the young Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan playing a wicked, staggering blues, somewhere deep within a Paris parking garage. Let it build:

I found the video at Nextbop, which seems to have stumbled upon it while searching for something else. Curious to its provenance — production value like this doesn't come from nowhere — I looked for the end titles, which credit this short piece to La Blogotheque (home of the great Take-Away Shows), the film production company KIDAM, and the French classical and jazz music television channel Mezzo.** A little investigation brought me to this informational page (in French), and this trailer.

Jazzed Out is a series of 10 short, videotaped performances of jazz musicians playing sessions in unconventional venues. It looks to be edited much like the Take-Away Shows, and taped all across the city of Paris. Anat Cohen's quartet, Avishai Cohen (the bassist, not Anat's brother), Jacques Schwarz-Bart's quintet, and a handful of other groups have taped sessions.

The project airs piecemeal in late December on the Mezzo television channel; the episodes might be posted online as well, as the Tigran clip seems to be the first installment. I'd keep an eye out on the KIDAM Vimeo channel for further leaks.

**KIDAM's version of this video removes the Blogotheque credit and its signature font, and I can't find any evidence of Tigran Hamasyan on the Blogotheque website. So sorry, fellow Music Internet addicts: Doesn't look like there are any jazz Take-Away Shows in the works. I'd love to be proved wrong, though.